Trip to Toronto - July, 2000
The trip begins at the Moncton airport.

Trius Tours shuttled the band from Charlottetown to Moncton, leaving at 5:30 am on July 5.



Barrie and Perry wait in line at the Moncton Airport check-in counter.

Mike (on the left) calms down Jon (on the right) during his first airline flight.

Jono was pretty excited before liftoff on his first airplane ride. Mike made sure Jon knew all about the safety precautions, especially the location of the "air sickness" bag.

A relaxing dinner after a busy day in T.O.

After an early morning gig on CITY TV's Breakfast Television show and some sightseeing, the Jive Kings and guests dine out in downtown Toronto.
The Horn Section on stage at the Toronto Street Festival - Yonge St. and Eglington St.

Tens of thousands of people turned out for the Saturday evening performance of the Celebrate Toronto Street Festival. Damhnait Doyle and Kim Stockwood performed earlier in the the evening.  The crowds increased in numbers as the evening went on and peaked during the Jive Kings 90 minute set, which started at 9:30 p.m..

Mike Ross wails on a piano solo !

Mike Ross really connected with the big city audience at the Street Festival. The crowd loved the show and the band had to stay behind for a long time signing CDs purchased that night.!

The Jive Kings had a super time in Toronto and can't wait to return !!!

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